Welcome to our creative crowdfunding initiative

Welcome to our creative crowdfunding initiative

Dear Eco-Conscious Shoppers and Art Enthusiasts,

I am truly thrilled to welcome you to the vibrant world of REGENiSHOP, where sustainability and artistry converge to create something truly extraordinary. This is not just a store; it's a movement, a vision, and a labor of love that I am excited to share with you.

As the founder and the creative force behind REGENiSHOP, I believe that art has the power to change the world. And I'm not talking about grandiose strokes on a canvas; I'm talking about the art of sustainability, of regeneration, co-creation and collaboration for a better, more environmentally responsible future.

REGENiSHOP is a manifestation of these beliefs, and I want to take this moment to share with you why it means so much to me.

Art Meets Sustainability:

From a young age, I've been captivated by the beauty of the natural world. It has been my muse and my guiding light throughout my creative journey. My passion for art led me to the concept of 'regenerative art,' where we celebrate not only the aesthetics but also the environmental impact of our creations.

This philosophy is at the heart of every product you'll find in REGENiSHOP.  From whimsical illustrations to thought-provoking designs, our artists are united by a shared dedication to sustainable living.

The REGENiTECH Connection:

Many of you may already know about the REGENiTECH Network Affiliates, a grassroot movement committed to regenerating our planet. REGENiSHOP is more than just a store; it's a direct extension of this vision. Your support here directly fuels the REGENiTECH Network Affiliates mission. Whether it's regenerating damaged ecosystems, fostering sustainable agriculture and power production, or supporting innovative eco-projects, your purchases make a significant impact.

The Journey Ahead:

This is just the beginning. As we embark on this journey, I want to assure you that we're committed to constantly evolving, expanding our offerings, and listening to your feedback. When you subscribe to the Regenishop Loop you can expect:

  • Exclusive Merchandise Releases: Be the first to explore new creations and limited-edition items. 

  • Artist Spotlights: Get to know the creative minds behind our unique designs. We'll share the stories and inspirations that bring our art to life.

  • Exclusive Offers: Enjoy special promotions and discounts. It's our way of saying thank you for being a part of our community.

  • Opportunities to Visit and Attend ASGarden Workshops at Villa Solsiden: Villa Solsiden is more than just a location; it's a hub for creativity, regeneration, and eco-conscious living. Stay tuned for chances to experience it firsthand, attend workshops, and immerse yourself in the Villa Solsiden experience.

We're committed to creating a dynamic and engaging community, and we can't wait to share these exciting opportunities with you. Your support and feedback mean the world to us, and together, we'll shape the future of REGENiSHOP.

I encourage you to be an active part of our community. Share your thoughts, feedback and suggestions. This is a space where your voice matters, and together, we can make a real difference.

Thank you for choosing REGENiSHOP as your shopping destination for creative, meaningful merchandise. Together, we can indeed change the world.

With immense gratitude and enthusiasm,

Line Heggelund

Founder and the IllustrationNinja

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